We take so much on to our shoulders God;

Sometimes it’s arrogance,

but sometimes it’s because we just don’t know what else to do.

There is so much need, so many wounded people,

There are so many challenges, and so many decisions.


We don’t want to fall into a magical, “Harry Potter” faith,

in which we use prayers like wands,

and avoid our responsibilities through childish dependence on you.

But, we also don’t want to live

as if what we believe is just an idea

with no real impact on our lives.


And so we pray for the strength and courage

to work for justice and healing

for those who are forgotten and hurting in our world,

and to strive to be fully engaged in our own lives;

But we also pray for the humility and wonder

to seek your Spirit’s strength and wisdom,

and to invite others into vibrant relationship with you;

because the faith we need is not just a ‘religious’ veneer,

but a real confidence in a reality that is bigger than us.