If we’re honest, compassion does not come easy to us, God;

We see others who struggle;

those without homes, or food;

those dying from curable diseases, simply because

they can’t get access to the medicine they need;

those who have lost loved ones through death or circumstance,

and long for human companionship;

those who are persecuted and judged because of their difference;

those who are facing the awful consequences

of bad choices they have made;

and those who must live with the consequences

of choices that others make that impact their lives;

It all just feels like it’s too much, and there’s nothing we can do.


But, we know that’s not true – we know that compassion is enough;

that when we allow ourselves to feel,

compassion will lead us to do what we can,

and that this will make a difference.


And so, we pray first for ourselves:

that you would soften our hearts,

and still our fears,

and lead us into those acts of compassion

that we are capable of doing.


And then we pray for all of these others

whose lives can be changed

through small, simple acts of care;

that you would disturb us, and others like us,

until we finally step up and play our part

in the saving of your world;

and that enough of us would answer your call,

that the needs of the hurting ones

may be met.


In Jesus’ Name,