Miraculous God,

We know this story so well.

All the characters are familiar.

All thewords are known by heart.

All the songs have been sung so many times.

We love this story and its comfortable, comforting familiarity.

We praise You for the miracles which come to us in the familiar.


At the centre of this story is the eternal God stepping into humanhistory.

The All-Powerful One choosing to live in fragile flesh.

TheCreator becoming a creature.

We praise You for the miracle of God becoming human.


At the centre of this story is a God Who reveals Godself to men and women.

A God Who works miracles through ordinary people who say,”Yes” to God.

A God Who enters every willing soul to birth new life.

We praise You for the miracle of Your life within us.


Silent praise.



May we see You, know You and be united with You again this Christmastime.

May our lives be changed by Your miraculous love,

and may we become part of Your miraculous salvation.

Now and always.