• A Spiritual Journey for the Epiphany and the Season After

    INTO THE UNKNOWN leads us on a journey to encounter God through seven different metaphors. Like different lenses, each chapter helps us to let go of our existing ideas of God and invites us to encounter God in a new and deeper way. This journey is based on the conviction that God is beyond our ability to know. Yet, paradoxically, we also discover that the Unknown God can be known. And that promises to lead us into a richer and more meaningful experience of God.
  • Find the resilience you need A Liturgical and Personal Spiritual Practice Guide for Lent and Holy Week
  • Find the resilience you need A Liturgical Guide for Lent and Holy Week
  • Find the resilience you need A Personal Spiritual Practice Guide for Lent and Holy Week
  • A seven-week journey of worship and preaching that explores the major issues of justice in our world (power, money, race, sexuality, and climate change) and offers simple, practical guidelines for living justly in our daily lives.
  • LIVE FOR A CHANGE is a liturgical guide that is designed to lead you into a deep experience of resurrection. It examines eight encounters that various people had with the Risen Christ and draws us into the experience so that we can touch the life that the Biblical characters found.
  • Living in the Promised Land is a Lenten journey that teaches us how to live in the 'Promised Land' of God's Reign in the midst of our broken and unjust world.
  • An Advent Journey through Isaiah & Matthew. Includes Sermon Starters, Liturgies, Small Group Guides and Daily Devotional Guides.
  • For all of its pain and difficulty, we still have an unquenchable longing for life. We just don’t always know what we need that will lead us to meaningful, fulfilling, and vibrant life. We too easily get distracted by what promises a good life but fails to deliver. And that’s why we need faith. An authentic spirituality gives our lives meaning, empowers us to discover where life can truly be found, and teaches us to fall in love with life, even with all of its suffering. LOVE LIFE explores the life of God that comes to us in Christ, and how the Advent and Christmas stories teach us to enter into God’s life more fully. It also challenges us to become carriers of God’s love and life into our corner of the world as we seek to be true disciples of Christ.
  • A Lenten Journey based on the Lord's Prayer.


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