“The Hour That Changes Everything is a significant starting point for exploring liturgy and how it can impact the Church, and the world, of today. It is well written, well structured and the content is insightful, helpful and practical. I loved it, and I highly recommend it!”

Brian D. McLaren (Author of A New Kind of Christianity and Naked Spirituality)

We all know the longing – to connect deeply with God; to live a vibrant, authentic life; to make a meaningful contribution to the world. But for too many of us, worship has failed to fill that longing, leaving us with little more than dry ritual or empty entertainment – or driving us away from church altogether.
In The Hour That Changes Everything John van de Laar invites you to return to worship once again, to rediscover true intimacy with God, and to embrace the life-giving transformation it offers.
Through fifty days of personal reflection, small group conversation and congregational worship, The Hour That Changes Everything will lead you into a new experience of God’s gracious presence, and a new freedom to live out your worship in every moment of your life.

“The Hour That Changes Everything is…reflective and risky, wild and challenging, solemn and adventurous, stirring and soulful, provocative and evocative; never boring, intellectually stimulating, gently soothing, wildly exciting and profoundly spiritual.??I shall read this book again and again in years to come: to be reminded, instructed, inspired and energised – for worship. As preacher, I shall have to live with a scorching question: do the hours of worship I lead alongside others truly change everything?”

Rev. Dr. Ross Olivier – From the Foreword

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