Around the post-modern world there is a widespread yearning in the human heart for an authentic experience of living worship.  People are longing for a deep personal encounter with God and a spiritually orientated way of life that will empower them to live creatively and compassionately.  Thankfully, God is raising up a new breed of writers, and I believe John van de Laar is one of them, who are helping us find our way forward into a more sacred way of living. They speak with a fresh voice.  We will do well to listen carefully to what the Spirit may be saying through them.

Trevor Hudson – from the Foreword

The abundance that flows from thanksgiving; the freedom that forgiveness brings; the security that hope provides; the connection of a caring community; the awareness of the divine at all times, in all situations – these are just some of the gifts that are hidden in the simple meal that we know as the Sacrament of Holy Communion.
In Food for the Road – Life Lessons from the Lord’s Table John van de Laar explores the sacrament of holy communion, and unlocks its hidden gifts, opening doors to new inspiration for worship and for living.

Food for the Road, by John van de Laar, is both fresh and nourishing.  For this reason I have repeatedly used John’s liturgies when gathering with others for the sacrament of communion.  John has the gift of a turn of phrase that enables well worn words and well trodden traditions to explode with new meaning and mystery.  I am grateful to John for sharing his friendship with God so openly and trustingly – for through it my own friendship with God has grown. Thanks John.

Rev. Alan Storey

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