This following is hard, Jesus;


I thought it would be easier somehow;

I didn’t count on all the direction and obedience;

I didn’t think that Your vineyard would be

where the work would be done

I didn’t understand that the benefits would be

for Your kingdom.


But, I’m learning.

And I’m seeing the need more than ever:

the poor who need someone to bring them good news,

along with food, shelter and sanitation;

the broken who need a healer to comfort them

and guide them to wholeness;

the oppressed and imprisoned who need justice and freedom

from the bonds that hold them;

the powerful who need prophets and teachers

to call them to account and call out the best within them;

the Earth that needs stewards

to nurture and protect it.


I need courage, Jesus, and humility,

to stay faithful to Your purpose;

to give my best, not for my own sake,

but for Yours – and that of those you love;

to labour in Your vineyard as though it were mine,

while refusing to keep the fruits only for myself.


Help me, Jesus.