There is no shortage of ways that we can help to heal our world, Lord;

we just need the willingness to see them

and the courage to act.


So, we pray for Your inspiration and strength,

to use the abilities and resources we have

for the sake of those who need them.


We pray for those of us who have plenty –

of wealth that can lift some out of poverty,

of power that can influence the world toward justice and equity,

of relationships that can connect those who can help each other,

of creativity that can inspire and challenge through new ideas and new visions,

of time that can be used to feed the hungry,

transport the weary,

or befriend the lonely.


And we pray for all who need ordinary, gifted people

to ease their grief, their pain, their trauma, their need and their fear.

Do not let us rest, Lord, until we have found a way

to help as we may,

for the cause of Christ.