Who do I say You are, Jesus?

Sometimes I think I know, and I eagerly praise You,

I confess that I have learned to know God because of You,

I celebrate the fact that my life is fuller because of You,

I recognise that, at great cost, You have made it possible for me

to have a second chance when I mess up my life,

and hurt those around me.

But, then sometimes I confuse You with others that have helped me

or challenged me;

Great teachers and writers, prophets and priests,

parents and authorities.

This can be helpful – sometimes they do point me to You;

but sometimes I can’t see You through the image they present,

and my relationship with You gets blurred.

Sometimes I’m not sure if I know You at all;

I begin to get a sense of who You are,

but then, like Peter, I misunderstand Your mission, or Your message,

or what You really want from me.

Who do I say You are, Jesus?

You are the one I have come to love as God,

You are the one I am learning to recognise

and will give eternity to know,

You are the unfathomable mystery

that is always beyond my ability to understand;

You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.