Who are you, Jesus?


It seems that people have always wanted to know;

From the beginning when foreigners travelled great distances

just to see you,

To now when trying to answer this question

can lead to heated debate and even violent conflict.


Who are you, really?


There is no shortage of names for you –

Son of God, Messiah, Lord, Anointed One, Suffering Servant…

But each one feels like a doorway into greater mystery;

an invitation to dive into depths

that are beyond my capacity to fathom.


I want to know you, Jesus

I want to touch something of the truth of who you are

and so even as I allow my mind to wrestle

with ideas about you,

I open my heart that your radiant presence,

may shine in,

may change me,

and may draw me into an eternity

of learning and loving who you are.