Sometimes it feels like it doesn’t really matter, God,

if we ignore the needs of our spouse,

or shout at the kids unnecessarily,

or elaborate on the truth just a little, so we look better,

or waste the resources our world so generously gives;

sometimes it just feels silly to worry about making things beautiful,

to keep reaching for the best of the good, and not just the easy,

to stay true to what is true.

What difference does it really make, in the big scheme of things,

if we just take the easy way, the not-bad-but-could-be-better way?


And then we come here, and we remember.

You do not change to accommodate our good-enoughness,

our that’ll-do-ness;

You do not darken the sun just a little, so we won’t feel so dull,

or switch off some of the stars to keep us from feeling small.


You are holy – whole-y – one and complete and God;

You are Light and Life and Love and Fullness – you can be no other;

You are Beauty and Goodness and Truth – brilliant and dazzling;

And it is we who must change, we who come to this place to worship,

It is we who must choose to gaze on your holiness & beauty,

and be changed into glory.


And, so here we are, God. Please, show us yourself.