It’s not wrong to ask where you are, God,

when innocent children go hungry,

or are abducted as sexual slaves

or die of curable diseases,

or are forced to fight in adult wars;

It’s not wrong to question and doubt,

to shake our fists and cry in grief and anger;


No, what would be wrong would be to just accept this

as somehow “your will”,

it would be wrong to justify it

to explain it,

to be unmoved by it,

to deny it;


But it would be equally wrong to use this as evidence

that you don’t exist or don’t care,

to leave ourselves and our vulnerable ones

at the mercy of our cynicism,

our unbelief,

our apathy;


And so we come, and we offer our worship,

through our tears;

We choose to praise you as a gracious and merciful God

through our tears;

We choose to proclaim your justice and salvation

through our tears;

And as we do, we choose to believe that

wherever there is suffering and injustice,

your tears flow and your heart is broken,

you cry in grief and shake in anger;

And it is your mercy and compassion that drives us,

and others like us

to work for healing and justice

through the pain and burden of our tears.