We don’t see it, but it’s everywhere we look;

We don’t hear it, but its message is constantly whispered throughout the world;

We can’t touch it, but its energy flows through every interaction, every connection.


This Kingdom of Yours, God, is hidden in the ordinary stuff

that makes up our everyday lives;

It’s like yeast in a loaf of bread, like a tiny seed that imperceptibly sprouts and grows

in the secret, unseen place;


And while we may miss it, or doubt it, or wonder why it appears weak

in the face of evil,

This Kingdom of Yours exerts an inexorable influence on us

calling us to be more than our selfishness and pride

would lead us to believe we are

leading us to love and serve and connect in ways

that leave us and our world different,

more alive, more real, more whole.


And so, God, we celebrate this hidden Kingdom of Yours

we praise You for its gentle power,

and we open ourselves, once again,

to its life-giving influence.