Sometimes, God,

It seems that you don’t care much for your reputation.

Your name always seems to crop up in connection

With all the wrong sorts of people:

questionable people, of ill repute and little respectability.

You really should be more careful about who you are associated with


But, then, if the truth be known, we are those people.

Oh, we present ourselves as clean and pure and righteous

But we know the truth, God, as do you.

We, too, have our darkness, our sin.


So, it’s just as well that you are so comfortable with the likes of us,

that you welcome sinners like the long lost children we really are,

that you love us so deeply and personally

that we cannot stay as we are;

that Your grace receives us, heals us and challenges us

so that we become grace-givers, accepting all others in Your name.


And so, we praise You, gracious God, for your amazing grace.

In Jesus’ Name