We really would prefer it, Jesus,

if the big problems of our world

could be resolved quickly;

we don’t mind the effort,

the hard work,

or even the sustained hours

over a few weeks or even months;

It’s the years of faithful commitment that we struggle with.


But, from the perspective of eternity,

a lifetime of commitment to your reign

is really not that much to ask;

And so we pray that you would help us to stay faithful

to love ones in our homes and families,

who need to know they can depend on us;

to our brothers and sisters in faith,

who need us to strengthen and welcome them,

even as we need their companionship;

to the people of our neighbourhood and city,

who need us to be good citizens,

and conscientious justice seekers;

to the people of our nation,

who need our constant prayers,

and our commitment to participate

in political, economic and social systems;

to the people of the world,

who need us to embrace them and care for them,

even though it may offer us no benefit,

and have no real impact on our lives;


Teach us the love that stays faithful for the long haul, Jesus,

the persistence that will not give up,

and the grace to trust your faithfulness,

even when we cannot see results.


In Jesus’ Name,