It is mystery that is beyond us, Jesus,

that our clumsy attempts at goodness,

our frail and faltering labours,

could make any contribution

to Your saving work in our world.


Yet, You dignify and bless us

by inviting us into Your service,

and assuring us that what we do does matter.

And then, You add the gifts of joy, fulfilment, creativity

and Your own support and care.

What a gracious God You are

and how grateful we are for Your love.


But sometimes we forget this grace,

and we begin to look around us.

We start to notice strange co-workers

who are doing things differently:


Some seem less committed than we are,

and others have come into Your service late,

after years of caring only for themselves;

Some appear to make mistakes

more than any valuable contribution they may offer;

and others seem to work against You by the way they live,

or the wrong things they believeā€¦


Forgive us when we judge and denigrate the service of others,

and when we expect You to value and reward our work

more than anyone else.

Forgive us when we challenge Your selection of labourers,

and when we question how You choose

to distribute Your grace.


Restore to us the joy of simple, faithful service,

and teach us to leave the recruitment,

and the results,

to You.