It’s a tough thing for us to learn, Jesus,

how you hide in the most unlikely places;

how you beckon us into life and compassion

by disguising yourself in broken humanity.

But, when our eyes are opened,

we discover that we are never far from your heart,

from your reign.

And so we ask you to show yourself to us again,

and lead us into prayerful action;

Help us to share your grief when lives are needlessly lost

simply because they have no money for food or shelter,

because they have no access to medicine and care,

because they have no choice but to live

where war and violence constantly threaten;

Help us to feel your offence when the least are exploited

by the lust of those who are physically stronger,

by the greed of those who are financially richer,

by the disregard of those who are politically more powerful.

Help us to know your pain when what you have created is destroyed

by the carelessness of expediency,

by the short-sightedness of progress at all costs,

by the sense of entitlement of proud humanity.

Teach us to welcome you, Jesus,

by welcoming those in whom your image is hidden,

and by working, in our small worlds,

to make visible your reign where all are welcomed.