You never really get tired of knocking,

do you, Jesus?

Your gentle persistence as you seek a welcome

is both amazing and disturbing;


There are times when I wish you would just leave me alone,

times when I don’t want to have to deal with you;

Your constant seeking of attention for the hidden and voiceless ones

your gentle call to live always from the best of me

your persistent presence making itself known

in all I do and say and think.


But, most of the time, I am grateful that you seek to be welcomed

I am glad that you give me the choice to invite you in

and that you welcome me so freely;


It seems strange that as God you don’t just demand entrance

but wait for me to open the door;

that you don’t just radiate your glory

and make your knocking unmistakeable,

instead of hiding in the faces of children and creatures,

earth and sky, broken and wounded ones.


But, for all its mystery, your coming, your knocking, your gentle asking for access

is a gift beyond measure;

A gift that I receive, when I remember who you are,

with humble thanks and open submission.