This prayer is intended to take the form of a liturgical drama – a drama that is not just performance, but an integral part of the liturgy. As such, the different lines

may be spoken by four different people, as if thinking aloud. It is good if the words are projected or provided for the congregation, as would be the case with any

ordinary liturgy, which makes the part where the congregation joins in flow more fluidly.

However, if this format doesn’t work for you, the prayer may also be spoken by one person, and used in the same way that any other prepared prayer would be.


Person 1: When it comes to being ready for your visitation, Jesus

I try to be what you ask of me;

Person 2: I look into my heart, and promise to do better,

to remove the sins that I don’t like to admit are there.

Person 3: But, that’s not really what you’re asking, is it? At least not all of it;

Person 4: Because getting ready for you is not just about me,

and the struggles of others is not just about them.


Person 1: So, when people in far away countries

are exploited by greedy governments or corporations,

it’s my problem, too;

Person 2: When people with diseases that I’ll probably never get,

die for lack of medicine or care,

it’s my problem, too;

Person 3: When violence breaks out because access to resources or power,

is restricted to a select few,

it’s my problem, too;

Person 4: When water levels rise and rare creatures go extinct,

through apathy and unrestrained consumption,

it’s my problem, too.


Person 1: I may not be able to challenge governments, or stop armies,

Person 2: but I can keep my small corner of the world clean,

Person 3: I can treat each person I encounter with dignity and respect,

Person 4: I can make choices about money and politics and lifestyle,

All 4: that make a life of peace and joy more possible for others.



And if I will do these little things faithfully each day,

perhaps I will be ready for you when you come;

at least I pray so…