It feels like madness to stand before the giant

with nothing but faith and a few small stones.

It seems insane to believe that anything but brute force

can match the challenge of the powerful.


But, in the stillness a different voice whispers,

speaking of crosses and empty tombs,

of justice and God’s concern for the weak;

In the stillness fear and insecurity can be heard

in the bellowing of the bullies;

And in the stillness the temptation in each of us

to cling to our power at all costs

becomes clear and transparent.


And so we find ourselves once again in prayer, Jesus,

that the gentle persuasion of your cross

may change how we do power in our world;

that the strong and wealthy may find life

in sharing and empowering;

and that we each, in our own small way, may remember

that our storms are most often stilled

when we allow your authority to lead us,

and your justice to teach us how to live.