In our “nothing for nothing” world,

grace makes little sense, Jesus;


We can’t believe that you would welcome us,

uplift us and restore us so freely;

and so we turn faith into a transaction –

a way of earning your love.


We can’t understand that the needs of others are a gift to us;

an opportunity to be channels of generosity and dignity,

to experience together the miracle of grace;

and so we make you into a cosmic game show host,

rewarding winners and insiders, while ignoring losers.


This inappropriate grace of yours, Jesus,

is a remarkable thing,

liberating and renewing and transforming;

raising up the least and surprising the great,

creating connections where none would usually be,

and scandalising those who worship

the gods of wealth, legality, exclusivity and custom.


Thank you for a grace that ignores our sensibilities,

and that welcomes, heals and dignifies

even the likes of us.