Lord, You have accomplished so much in this one incredible act.

If the tomb cannot hold You,

if death cannot keep You in its cold grasp

Then, Life has truly won out, and its effects permeate our whole world.


And so, with all our faith,

tentative and weak though it is

We pray for everyone who needs the touch of Your resurrection:


We pray for all who have forgotten how to see beyond this temporary life

into eternity.

We pray for all whose lives are so consumed by death,

that life seems unreal and out of reach.

We pray for those who mistakenly believe that they can find life

by destroying the lives of others.

We pray for those who feel that their right to life

has been stolen away.

We pray for those who grieve over the life of a loved one,

now ended in this space and time.

And we pray for every human soul,

ourselves included,

that Your Spirit of Life would break into our experience

and change it into something of eternal value.


The congregation is invited to offer their prayers out loudĀ in a word or a sentence.


Accept our prayers, as we bring them to you

in faith and with thanksgiving.

In Jesus’ Name.