When the truth-twisting accusations were spat in Your face, Jesus,

when the crowds chanted their execution-call,

when the nails forced their way through Your flesh,

Things could have been very different,

if not for Your embrace of death.


But, You knew that love would lead to the cross,

it always does,

to laying down life for the beloved.

and you embraced Your death willingly

inviting us to follow.


So, if not for Your embrace of death,

we could never know what it is

to love those who don’t deserve it;

we could never find the anger

to resist the injustice that steals dignity;

we could never have our hearts broken

at the grief and need of strangers;

we could never risk ourselves

to challenge violence, corruption and abuse.


But, in answer to Your call, we follow You

into the embrace of death,

laying down our lives in small acts of prayer,

service and justice,

allowing the suffering of others into our hearts.


And we ask that in some small way,

our expressions of love and sacrifice,

may bring greater wholeness into our world.