It’s not the big things that trip us up, Jesus;

It’s usually the small things,

the little concessions to bad attitudes,

the tiny twisting of truth to make us look better,

the minute selfishnesses,

the hidden disregard for others.

But, thankfully, no flaw is too small for your grace,

Or for your Spirit’s power to work on changing us.

Thank you!


It’s not only big things that matter in your Community, Jesus;

You so often remind us of the small, the ordinary,

that, in your Spirit’s power become extraordinary,

leaving life and joy and healing in their wake;


And so we praise you for extraordinary ordinariness, Jesus;

For challenging and supporting one another,

for taking responsibility for our relationships and lives,

for work well done,

and attitudes that make it a joy,

for sharing peace and love and kindness

with friends and strangers;

We praise you for a message and a community

that in simple, ordinary ways

offers extraordinary grace to all.


In Jesus’ Name