Lord Jesus, it’s a shameful thing

when you’ve set invitations to all who will come

and we stand at the door and turn people away

it’s shameful how we find ways to justify, in Your Name,

the lines we draw between us,

the exclusions and suspicions,

the greeds and power-plays,

that harm the least,

and protect our special interests.


And so we pray:

Lift us above our pettiness and self-protection,

and use us as Your agents of justice and mercy;


May Your grace open our doors, stretch out our arms

and turn our attention

to the excluded, rejected and neglected ones.

May Your wisdom teach our minds, open our hearts

and challenge our apathy

to find solutions to the conflicts and self-created threats in our world.

May Your love release our energies, ignite our abilities

and inspire our action

to heal those who carry the scars of abuse, war and disease,

to comfort those who grieve the loss of loved ones or opportunities,

to restore the ones who have failed or fallen,

to nurture the life that breaks out in every person

and every part of our planet.


And make us heralds of Your kingdom

who extend Your invitation to all who will listen.