Worry and stress are not hard for us, God,

we do them without thinking.


There is always the potential of threat

to our security,

our comfort,

our health,

our relationships,

our lives,

and we foolishly think that we could silence the fear

if we just had enough money,

enough insurance,

enough toys,

enough stored away for a rainy day.

It’s never enough, though;

the voice of our fear will not be dismissed so easily.


But, in the small, silent places within us is another voice;

one that beckons us into the foolishness of faith,

that points our gaze to the birds and the flowers,

that, in unguarded moments, lets our muscles relax,

and our hearts lean into loved ones;

In unexpected whispers we hear it,

calling us to remember your promises,

your grace,

your faithfulness;

And, suddenly, we discover

that it is enough.