When we choose to believe that Your Kingdom

is no bigger than our bigotry;

When we reduce Your Presence to the ambience

in our favourite meeting place;

When we see Your people as no one other

than our people;

When we believe that we have the authority

to distribute Your grace as we see fit;

When use Your word to justify the way

we withhold Your blessing from others;

When we enlist You as an enforcer

of our particular ideology;


When in any way, O God, we make You in our image,

when we create our own Kingdoms and call them Yours,

We have failed You, and we have kept others away from You.


Forgive us, change us, and humble us, we pray;

Keep us always aware of how Your grace has rescued us,

and keep us always aware of those who seek Your grace

in us.

In Jesus’ Name.