Great God,

We need to remember

that how things are now is not how they’ve always been;

and it’s not how they always will be.

We need to remember

that your kingdom has come,

that it is growing among us now,

and that the time will come

when it fills the world with justice and love.


And so we pray for your coming,

to those around the world

whose poverty, pain, trauma, and grief

make your kingdom feel like a pipe dream;

to those in our community

who long to see your love and justice

expressed through your followers;

to those in your Church

who seek to be faithful and to make a difference

while juggling the needs of themselves and their families;

and to us,

who long to know you more,

and to live as citizens of your kingdom

in this place and time.


May your coming be something we hope for,

but also be something we experience

moment by moment.


In Jesus’ Name;