Here in this place of gathering,

we bring our lives and our selves to you, O God.

You know all that we carry as part of what makes us who we are.

You know the tears we have cried,

and the broken relationships we mourn.

You know the loves we have found,

and those we have lost,

the companions we celebrate

and the ones we miss.

You know the longings of our hearts,

the things we desire for our good

and those we want even though they may harm us.

You know the tasks that make up our days,

those in which we have succeeded

and those in which we have failed.

Those we look forward to with fear,

and those we can’t wait for.

All of these things, and so much more,

we offer to you, as our prayer.

May your Spirit – the gift hidden within us –

fill each of these parts of us with God,

and transform them into the stuff of your reign.

Thank you for your life-changing love,

and for all that it has already given us.

Thank you for your compassion and faithfulness,

and for all that we know you will still do within us and through us.

Thank you for being God,

and for being available to us –

for your intimate, compassionate and strengthening friendship.

And for making it possible for us to bless you with our love, in return.

In Jesus’ Name.