So, Lord God, You have come to us.

You didn’t wait for us to become good.

You didn’t stay until away until we searched for You.

You took the initiative.

You entered the world You made as a creature,

so that You could enter the world of our experience

and meet us where we are, as we are.


And so, we know that as we pray,

You hear and You understand, and You answer.


Come into our world again.

Bring Your peace and love and trust

into a world of war and hatred and suspicion.


Come into this land again.

Bring Your healing into a country ravaged

by broken communities, broken relationships,

and bodies broken by AIDS, cancer, hatred, greed

and all kinds of diseases.


Come into your church again.

Bring faith and inspiration

into the community that You call to be Your loving servant to the world.


And come into our lives, and those of our loved ones again.

May we know in the depth of our souls, today and every day,

that God is truly with us, no matter what life brings.


We welcome You and Your healing love into our world.