Last week we explored grace and recognised that grace includes both God’s invitation to life and God’s confrontation of all that robs us of life. This week we are challenged to decide how we will respond to this grace.

In worship this week you may read of Peter’s call to be a “fisher of people” in Luke’s Gospel, or you may hear of Isaiah’s famous “Here I am, send me!” response to God’s call. All of the Lectionary readings include this sense that to respond to grace is to hear and accept the call of God to partner with God in God’s gracious, saving mission. But, in order to respond to God’s call, and in order to be carriers of grace to the world, we need to have experienced and received God’s grace for ourselves. This means that we need to know what it is to accept God’s invitation into abundant life in Christ. It also means that we need to be willing to allow God graciously to confront anything in us that would rob us of life, or that would cause us to rob others of life in anyway. We are invited to experience forgiveness and love, and we are called to share forgiveness and love with those around us. We are called to confront and transform the brokenness and destructiveness within us, and we are called to stand against brokenness, destructiveness, and injustice in the world around us.

The invitation to receive grace, and the call to share it, is at the heart of our meditations this week.

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