The universe pulses with the life You have breathed into it, O God

The light of every star, the orbit of every planet

The growth of every organism, the breath of every creature

The love of every heart, the awakening of every soul

flows from Your hand


And though every life must end, the story of life does not.

Resurrection fills every nook and cranny of the cosmos,

and life keeps proclaiming it’s eternal promise.


So now, though we watch and wait at the closed entrance of a tomb,

We bring You praise for life that transforms even death

and for its touch in our lives today.


Forgive us when we forget that death is not the final word;

Forgive us when we fail to trust the resilience of Your life;

Forgive us when we lose heart, and stop waiting for resurrection.


Remind us of Your grace, Your love and Your power

And renew us in faith, we pray.