You call me to wait on You, Lord,

but I get tired of waiting.

Your answers to my prayers,

Your call for me to serve You,

the promise of Your coming Kingdom,

they all seem to take so long.


You tell me to watch for Your coming, Lord,

but I’m not sure how to prepare for…

a thief in the night,

an undisclosed time,

and Your disconcerting habit of secrecy and mystery.


Yet, something inside whispers

that You’re not all that hard to find;

That You’re always coming to me,

and that both the waiting and the watching,

are more about being open to You now,

than about trying not to be surprised in the future.


And so I will keep waiting,

and I’ll try to stay alert,

so that I can catch the glimpses of Your glory

that fill my day, every day.