Back to Life (Personal Spiritual Practice Guide – PDF)


Experience Your Own Resurrection

A Personal Spiritual Practice Guide for Easter


Easter Sunday 2022 marks the start of our third Easter season of the pandemic. This is a strange observation to make on the day when we celebrate resurrection, perhaps. But there is wisdom to be found in the dissonance between this celebration of life and the crisis of a life-threatening virus plaguing our world.

Many of us were already expressing a deep longing to return to normal two years ago when Easter seemed almost meaningless in the locked-down world. Now vaccines and less deadly variants offer us the first glimpses of hope that normal may not be that far away. This means that the time has come to ask what normal will look like in the pandemic-altered world.

Of course, there are global issues that can be addressed in our search for answers. But for most of us, the question of what our future normal will look like is far more personal. We want to know how to experience our own resurrection now. Many of us have lost much of the life we knew before COVID entered our world. In some ways, that has been a liberation. In others, the grief still weighs us down. So, if we are to talk about resurrection and life, it has to be practical, experiential, and real. It has to lead us into a renewed energy, creativity, and vibrancy. And it has to show us the way back to Life (with a capital ‘L’) not just for now, but for the future.

And that is why I am proud and excited to offer you this Easter guide: BACK TO LIFE—Experience Your Own Resurrection.

The fifty-day Easter Season is more than a long remembrance of a strange event. It is not a time to focus on the ancient past. It is an invitation to dive into the deep, vibrant and meaningful life we long for. It is an opportunity—too often missed in our observances of this season—to experience resurrection again now.

After these years of pandemic in which we have felt entombed by lockdowns and restrictions, the world is finally showing the first signs of opening up. Our stones are finally being rolled away, and we are catching our first glimpse of the Life that awaits us beyond the grave. And BACK TO LIFE is the guide that will lead us into a new normal, a renewed life in a post-COVID, pandemic-altered world.

Based on the Revised Common Lectionary readings for Year C, BACK TO LIFE explores eight different practices that can guide us into a deep, personal experience of resurrection now.

BACK TO LIFE includes:

  • Reflection chapters for every week from Easter Sunday to Easter 7.
  • Prayers, response exercises and integration practices for every day of the Easter season.
  • Daily guided reflections to listen more deeply to the Scriptures and apply them to your life.

There is also a separate Liturgical Guide available separately that provides everything you need for worship for every week of the Easter season. Or you can purchase both this Liturgical Guide and the Personal Spiritual Practice Guide together as a bundle which includes a license to share the daily practices with your community in print, via email and messaging, and/or on your website and social media channels.

CLICK HERE to download a free sample of the BACK TO LIFE – EXPERIENCE YOUR OWN RESURRECTION Personal Spiritual Practice Guide

BACK TO LIFE includes the following chapters:

Easter Sunday: What’s In A Name

We cannot know fullness of life, we cannot be resurrected into our most abundant, meaningful life unless we know what it is to be fully seen, truly named, and completely loved.

Easter 2: Own Your Truth

Compassion and generosity do not—or should not—require us to lose ourselves and live a life that isn’t ours, that isn’t authentic and full.

Easter 3: Rise Again

When we feel that we have failed, when we feel unacceptable and judged by others, when our confidence and self-belief have been undermined by bullies, critics, and circumstances, we need a voice that interrupts our self-recrimination and self-doubt.

Easter 4: Become What You Seek

One of the most profound things we can do for ourselves is to receive, acknowledge and remind ourselves of our own divine nature—which makes navigating life’s struggles, and embracing resurrection a real possibility for us.

Easter 5: It Really Is All About Love

In a world of chaos, violence, uncertainty, and fear love is our best protection. It doesn’t mean we won’t be harmed. But it does mean that we can provide some comfort and healing to one another when harm comes.

Easter 6: Do You Want To Whole?

What does wholeness mean for you? And do you want it enough to do the work to get there even if it’s uncomfortable?

Ascension Day: Stay In The Game

In times of grief and pain like the last two years, it is understandable that we would seek refuge in a faith of certainty, comfort, and self-indulgence. But that is not where we will find life and wholeness.

Easter 7: Better Together

The greatest evidence of Christ’s life, and the most certain way that we can experience the vibrancy, abundance, and meaning of Christ’s life, is when we do it together.


CLICK HERE to download a free sample of the BACK TO LIFE – EXPERIENCE YOUR OWN RESURRECTION Personal Spiritual Practice Guide



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