Justice and love seem so complicated;

We get lost in discussions and questions and plans,

but somehow, the world stays broken.


But, you’ve given us a picture, Jesus,

a clear, well-defined view

of your dream for our world.

You’ve outlined the steps,

indicated the colours,

and demonstrated the method,

to fill our world with compassion and peace and justice.

It’s almost like painting by numbers,

if only we would follow the instructions.


Perhaps love and justice are not what’s complicated, Jesus.

Perhaps, it’s our insistence that we can do it without your help,

without your blueprint.


So, now we pray for ourselves,

that we may learn to follow you –

even when it’s hard or difficult to understand.

And we pray for our world,

that your vision of celebration and sharing,

of respect and caring,

may be embraced and lived,

in every corner.