What a mixed bunch we are, Jesus,

and what a tortoise-shell world we live in;

Light ands shadow, grace and judgement, goodness and sin

side by side in each of us;

But our deep longing is that the life-giving, nourishing fruit we bear

may overwhelm whatever weeds may have crept in.


May our capacity for love and friendship

be stronger than our tendency to hatred and divisiveness;

May our search for truth and wisdom

be satisfied more than our quest for denial and self-justification;

May our desire for joy and goodness

be larger than our lust for wealth and power;

May our journey to peace and wholeness

lead us away from the path of war, violence and self-destruction.


Make us those who live Your values and purpose

in a world that too easily chooses cursing over blessing,

wounding over healing,

and destruction over creativity;

so that all creation may finally find its place

in Your harvest of life and love.