God, life is a mystery –

far too deep for us to fathom, too large for us to grasp.

We are just ordinary people,

seeking to make each day something special,

and hoping that in some way our lives might have meaning, might count.


And so we recognise that we need so much.

We need wisdom and strength.

We need compassion and courage.

And we turn to you as the source of what we need.


What a surprise it is to discover that you are within us!

In Jesus, you have stepped into our world.

By your Spirit, you have stepped into our hearts.

How often we have missed this hidden treasure inside us.


Yes, we are just ordinary people,

but we are your image, and we are filled with your presence.

Forgive us for our blindness,

and for our neglect of the gift of yourself

with which you have so generously blessed us.


In Jesus’ Name.