Proper 28A

2023-10-18T15:29:25+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year A|

19 November 2023 This week continues the Matthew 25 parables, and, in the Old Testament continuous section, moves to the Judges, but the connections are clear and actually quite [...]

Proper 26A

2023-10-06T13:14:06+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year A|

05 November 2023 God's salvation is once again an important feature of this week's readings, but coupled with another theme that shows how God's salvation is made visible in [...]

Proper 24A

2023-09-01T10:57:18+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year A|

22 October 2023 The readings this week bring together two powerful and complementary ideas. In the continuous Old Testament reading, we are invited with Moses to seek God's glory [...]

Proper 23A

2023-09-14T15:44:52+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year A|

15 October 2023 One of the toughest question we face as people of faith concerned with justice and peace, is how to hold together the invitation of the Gospel [...]

Proper 22A

2023-09-07T17:54:41+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year A|

08 October 2023 The issue of legalism - of prioritising law over love - may be thought as a "spiritual" problem only. However, as we allow this week's Lectionary [...]

Proper 25A

2023-09-28T17:21:05+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year A|

29 October 2023 Two significant passages form the basis for worship this week in the Lectionary: The Great Commandment and the death of Moses. Depending on whether you are [...]

Proper 21A

2023-09-01T10:25:20+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year A|

01 October 2023 The Lectionary changes tack a little this week - at least from the perspective of the Gospel. While the continuous Old Testament readings continue to follow the [...]

Proper 19A

2023-08-17T11:22:25+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year A|

17 September 2023 This week we will be asked to listen to the tough, but life-giving Gospel message of forgiveness. In a world of conflict, terrorism, and serious inequalities [...]

Proper 20A

2023-07-17T19:53:03+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year A|

24 September 2023 If we did the work of last week well, we will find ourselves in a place of tremendous comfort, celebration and challenge this week. After reflecting [...]


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