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Proper 15C

2022-06-09T20:47:43+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year C|

14 August 2022 It's not a comfortable week, this week, but it is a significant one. This week we really have an opportunity to be confronted with the powerful [...]

Proper 14C

2022-07-17T22:31:46+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year C|

07 August 2022 It may come as a surprising thought that the 'blessings' we receive and enjoy have the potential to make us less Christ-like, but, depending on how we [...]

Proper 13C

2022-07-12T18:01:23+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year C|

31 July 2022 Where do you place your faith? Does the idea of trusting God for protection, provision and justice sound naive and unrealistic to you? Yet, this is [...]

Proper 12C

2022-07-17T22:29:16+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year C|

24 July 2022 There can be no question that the work of faith, of receiving God's grace, and of following Christ in worship and service, is a life long journey [...]

Proper 11C

2022-06-23T18:01:21+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year C|

17 July 2022 This week it's all about listening - to God's word - and to living it out in compassion, integrity and justice - which requires listening to others. This [...]

Proper 9C

2022-06-30T17:24:51+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year C|

03 July 2022 It is appropriate this week, in Ordinary Time, that the readings focus on the transforming power of the ordinary. In a world of celebrity, of "Reality [...]

Proper 8C

2022-04-25T19:52:17+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year C|

26 June 2022 It is not enough to resist evil. It is not enough to not do what is destructive or harmful. It is not enough to avoid what [...]

Proper 7C

2022-04-25T19:43:36+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year C|

19 June 2022 There is a lovely progression in these first few weeks of Ordinary Time. Two weeks ago we faced a challenge to prioritise God's strength and grace, [...]

Trinity Sunday C

2022-03-22T20:08:01+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year C|

12 June 2022 This week, instead of celebrating a biblical event or a characteristic of God, the lectionary leads us to celebrate a doctrine - the Trinity. In the [...]

Pentecost C

2022-03-22T20:04:13+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year C|

05 June 2022 As what I call the "God's Story" part of the Liturgical Calendar begins to draw to a close, we are prepared for the second half of [...]


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