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Easter 7B

2024-04-12T16:02:10+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year B|

12 May 2024 As the Easter season draws to a close, the final challenge of this part of the Lectionary, before turning to Pentecost, is for us to commit [...]

Easter 5B

2024-02-22T21:42:39+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year B|

28 April 2024 This connection between resurrection and living a life of love and service to others continues this week in the Lectionary. The primary challenge is to be [...]

Easter 3B

2024-03-18T11:28:24+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year B|

14 April 2024 The resurrection is more than just a past event or a ticket to life after death. It is a lived reality that has the potential to [...]

Easter 6B

2024-04-05T16:09:12+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year B|

05 May 2024 Again the Lectionary continues with the call to live a life of sacrificial love in order to know and share resurrection. This week the “one another” [...]

Easter 4B

2024-03-24T09:35:19+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year B|

21 April 2024 This week the challenge to live the resurrection continues. By combining the Good Shepherd metaphor with John’s call for love and Peter’s proclamation of God’s grace [...]

Easter 2B

2024-02-22T21:29:27+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year B|

07 April 2024 Christ is Risen! The Easter celebration continues with the familiar upper room appearances from John’s Gospel. But, this year the supporting texts highlight a feature of [...]

Christmas Day B

2023-11-22T21:01:42+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year B|

25 December 2023 Christ is the “Word Made Flesh”, John tells us. In Christ, God’s grace and love, God’s compassion and mercy, God’s wrath and forgiveness are verbally, physically, [...]

Christmas 1B

2023-11-22T21:05:42+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year B|

31 December 2023 This year the first Sunday after Christmas is a celebration of the moment when Jesus was presented in the Temple. Simeon’s prophecy over the baby is [...]

Epiphany B

2023-11-22T21:13:35+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year B|

6 January 2024 Epiphany can be thought of as embodying two journeys. The first is the new vision that the Gospels present of God’s grace and love being extended [...]


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