I’m not really sure I want to admit it, God,

but I am a person with gifts.

Oh, I’m not one of those super-talented, can-do-it-all, people,

but there are things I’m good at,

things that might even be useful to You and others.


But, here’s the problem – if I admit it, then I have to do something;

then there are no more excuses;

no more comfortable inadequacies to hide behind.

If I acknowledge the abilities and strengths You have placed in me

I’m going to have actually use them;

I’m going to have to serve, and be accountable,

and maybe even make commitments…

and stick to them.


But, if I pretend that I’m not gifted at all,

I lose something of myself,

I allow myself to be less than I really am,

to experience less, to learn less,

to be less alive.


So, thank you, God, for making me a gifted person,

and thank you that my gifts can make a difference,

can, in some small way, help

to make Your dream for my world a reality.