We all need a home, Jesus,

a place to belong,

to be loved even when we’re at our worst;


Thank you for being a home to all of us, whoever we may be.

We think of all those who wander in wildernesses,

uncertain of where they will find their place in the world;

The orphan without parents or a real name,

and the well-loved children who feel the emptiness

left by well-loved parents who are no longer here;

The lover abandoned or betrayed by a partner who was trusted and adored,

and the partners who, in spite of their love,

were unable to stay together;

The strong and vibrant ones who now feel attacked by their own bodies and frailty,

and the ones who peacefully and gladly

await the imminent time of their death;

The courageous and creative poor who somehow manage to get through each day,

and the comfortable who have discovered the end

of the comfort that their wealth can bring;

The powerful who cannot let go of the control and influence they have known;

and the leaders who gently pass the mantle on

while still uncertain of what their next contribution can be.


Thank you for being a home to all of us, whoever we may be.

You came and made your home among us, Jesus

so that you could become a home for us.

We thank you, and pray for ourselves

and all who need to find their way home today.