In every place and every time,

in every relationship and every interaction,

You are God.


You are God to the poor and to the wealthy,

to the weak and to the powerful;

You are God to the believer and to the doubter,

to the religious and to the atheist;

You are God to the courageous and to the fearful,

to the fighter and to the peacemaker;

You are God to the leader and to the follower,

to the parent and to the child;


You are God to all,

and Your grace and love extends to all.

And while we may seek to keep You to ourselves,

while we may try to hoard Your blessings,

You have come to all, You are available to all,

and all who want You will find that You are there.


We praise You that our small self-interests are not enough

to keep You from being the great and all-embracing God

that You are.