Where is the grace, O God,

When a small percentage of the world lives in comfort

while the vast majority live in hunger and need?


Where  is the grace, O Christ,

When we fail to learn that our violent hearts

can never bring peace and can never be justified?


Where  is the grace, O Spirit,

When the world that feeds and shelters us

is torn apart by our greed and neglect?


We need your grace, God, for those we love

and share life with;

We need your grace, Jesus, for those we know by their fame or position

and who are called to account by those who follow and elect them;

And we need your grace, Spirit, for those we don’t know

but are called to love in your name;


Fill us and all people, fill our community and our world,

with your amazing grace, we pray,

because we need it so desperately.


In Jesus’ name.