We hear about the terrible things that happen to others, God,

and we are so glad that it wasn’t us;

But, secretly, we wonder what they did to deserve it,

and beneath our concerned expressions,

we smugly applaud ourselves for the goodness

that we believe keeps us safe.


But, we’re really not that different from these others, God;

We may speak a different language,

or wear different clothes,

but we love and worry as they do,

and we struggle and doubt as they do,

and we even fail and sin as they do.

The truth is, no one – not even our enemies –

deserves disaster any more than we do.


And so we pray for all the places in our world where people suffer,

where terrible things are happening,

and where all that is needed is grace and compassion.

and we pray that we may find in ourselves

the grace that brings comfort and healing

to these hurting ones.