When we speak about following Jesus, about working for justice, about being holy, and about becoming our best selves, we’re really just speaking about one very simple thing – loving God with everything we are and loving other people as we would love ourselves. Both Jesus and Paul declare that love is the summary and the fulfilment of the law. Perhaps this is why St. Augustine said, “Love God and do what you want.” The meaning, of course, is that actions of justice, holiness, and self-giving flow from a deep and authentic love for God. And if we really love God, we cannot help but love what God loves – which is the world and everyone and everything in it.

The Scriptures speak of love as the end of the law. When we have learned to love as Christ did, we have no need for law, because we will automatically seek the best for those around us, which means we will never do anything deliberately to hurt another person. This love is not just a warm feeling inside. It is a way of being and acting, no matter what we may feel.

This week we explore how the call to love fulfils everything God asks of us.

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