There are two words that can be helpfully associated with the Gospel of Jesus: invitation and confrontation. It may seem like these two words are opposites, but they are really two sides of the same coin. On the one hand Jesus invites us to share in the grace, mercy and hospitality of God. But, on the other hand, in order for us to enjoy these gifts, and to share them with others, we must confront, challenge and change anything that resists mercy, grace, and hospitality. Any invitation that ignores the transforming confrontation of the Gospel is incomplete and ineffective.

This week, the focus of the Lectionary readings is on the invitation of the Gospel. As we will see, though, this does not mean that our brokenness and destructiveness remain untouched. Rather, as God invites us into God’s love, God seeks to heal all that would resist that love, and God calls us to learn to be people who extend God’s challenging invitation to others. This is why Jesus prayed that all believers would be united. When we are willing to do the work of being one – which is hard, painful and transforming work – then our community, our love and our deep connection with one another becomes the manifestation of God’s Reign to the world. If there is any way that we can reveal God’s glory and proclaim that Christ is indeed the world’s Saviour, this is it.

As we receive God’s invitation this week, we must be prepared for the Gospel to challenge anything in us that divides us from others.

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