One of the ways that grace can be understood is as God’s undeserved generosity. They key in all our dealings with God is that word “undeserved”. It is easy to slip into thinking that health, wealth and happiness are a deserved reward from God given because we are particularly spiritual or “good”. It is just as easy to fall into judgement of those who are sickly, poor or suffering because we believe that their struggles are God’s judgement on some sin in their life. Although this view is sometimes expressed in the Old Testament, it is never seen in Jesus’ teaching.

Both “blessing” and “curses” are simple realities of living in this world. Sometimes we bring them on ourselves, and sometimes they just happen to us, but they are not the results of a fickle God handing out rewards and punishments. But one thing is clear from the Scriptures: when we are “blessed”, it is never for ourselves alone, but in order for us to be a blessing to others. And when others seem to be “more blessed” than we are, we are not to judge them or question God’s justice. We are to give thanks for what we have received, while rejoicing in the good fortune of those around us.

This week we seek to release our feelings of deservedness and undeservedness and learn to celebrate and share in whatever way we can – especially with those who are suffering.

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