Today is the last Sunday of this Church year. The Sunday before Advent is always known as the celebration of Christ the King or the Reign of Christ. It’s fitting to end the journey of the year by remembering that God’s Reign is among us and is eternal. It is encouraging to keep in mind that the Christ who brings God’s Reign into being, is the one who came as servant of all and who established God’s Reign among us by giving his life to destroy the power of evil and death.

As we end the journey of this year, though, we also prepare ourselves to begin the journey again, which means that in the back of our minds is the truth that this King whom we celebrate is the one who entered our human world and experiences as a new-born baby, and lived a life of humble service and sacrifice. This reminds us that the Reign of Christ is not exercised through force of arms or political manipulation, but through compassion, love and justice.

This week we remember the upside-down Reign of Christ and we commit again to living by its values and priorities.

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