Ultimately we all have to make a choice. We can choose to “do it my way”, following only what our own hearts and desires dictate, hoping that this will bring us freedom, happiness, and fulfilment. Or we can choose to follow the way of Jesus, allowing our desires and actions to be shaped by God’s Reign, and offering ourselves as part of God’s saving purpose. It may seem like the first option is better, but Jesus clearly felt that seeking God’s Reign first was the way to live the best life that is humanly possible (see Matthew 6:33). We all have to choose whether we will believe him or not.

This week, the Lectionary focuses on this choice. In this Sunday’s Gospel reading we saw how, as Jesus taught that he was the Bread of Life, some of his disciples found this too much to take in and they began to drift away. Jesus then offered the twelve the freedom to leave, but they made the choice to stay with Jesus because he had “the words of eternal life.” In the Old Testament you may have read about Solomon’s dedication of the Temple. In this important moment in the life of God’s people, Solomon remembers God’s commitment to Israel and gives thanks. But he also stresses the importance of following God’s ways in wholehearted devotion. Then, in the light of God’s commitment to God’s people, and their response, Solomon asks for God to hear and answer the prayers that will be uttered in the new Temple. He makes a choice, on behalf of the people, to recognise that Israel is dependent on God, and to place the nation wholly in God’s hands.

As we journey through this week, we will be called to choose where we will place our devotion and our faith. We will be invited to stay committed to the way of Jesus, and we will be called to stay faithful in prayer. And, as the foundation to this commitment, we will be called to believe that God’s Reign really is the way to the best life that is humanly possible. How will you choose this week?

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