While it may not seem like it, the theme running through the Lectionary this week could be viewed as ‘resurrection living.’ The Corinthians reading actually speaks of resurrection, while the others speak of living in ways that bring life both to others and to ourselves without using the word ‘resurrection’. The Gospel reading from Luke speaks of loving enemies, giving generously, lending without asking for repayment, and refusing to judge others. These are all ways of living that bring life to others, and that also set us free from the forces of death, and bring us a deeper, more vibrant life. The Old Testament reading, in which Joseph reveals himself to his brothers and forgives them, is a wonderful illustration of Jesus’ teaching – freedom from vengeance and bitterness for Joseph, and new life for his brothers.

We so often think of resurrection either as an event that happened long ago or one that is yet to happen at the end of time. But whether we project resurrection into the past or the future, we seldom consider it as a lived reality now. We do not have to wait for some future judgement to experience resurrection. God offers us life, renewal, recreation, restoration, and liberation right here and right now. Whenever we embrace the values and priorities of God’s Reign, and seek to bring life to those around us, we are living the reality called resurrection, because when we do that, the forces of death are conquered and life triumphs.

This week we are invited to enter into a deeper experience of resurrection right now.

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